We spent much efforts on upgraded the controller which we do have a great originality,  devoted much time on care all small details, never miss any opportunities to improve the quality even for a tiny component.
As we are online store, all support in China, with time different cause after-sales service more harder than others local dealers? how to be competitive? ideal is make our bike nearly perfect and strong quality for less maintenance issue.
You can see the following picture with old version of controller and its cables. Which is mess with many connectors, risky that will be loosed after riding a certain timing, especially in a pumping road , and would be oxidized, or occurred short circuit. Which caused electricity current and signal influence.

Now please refer to below cable to find out how we improved, first the plug for connect with the battery.The red and black cable also unit as in one plus the water proof , It’s 4 pins, which modified along with the battery, so their connection are accurate.

Another photo for new controller, you can see all cable connected totally neat, the core is 18K gold plated, very well electric conduction, and the connector it’s water proof, met standard IP4-5, which you can ride under the rain, only required dry the water at home. In the future, we may inject plastic inside the controller, realize complete water proof level - IP6-7.

In case the controller broken, you can easily change yourself, unique connection, no mistake. Which indeed guarantee the long last usage for your E-bike.

Here more direct overall view for the comparison the controller Before and After, which we dedicated a year and disregard on the high cost. You can see our responsibility determination on fame of our E-bikes