Attention & Care

Addmotor Quality Control From Sourcing to Delivery

Would you like to know whether your newly-purchased products have arrived to you safely? Through boarding our site, even before your order, it tells you details about whether the wholesaler, distributor, or even the person who is looking for the latest wedding accessories. Our products are systematic into an access to check the quality and details from source to delivery.

Outsource of Product

According to a variety of qualifications, we have a large number of trusted manufacturers. Also, we build separate profiles for different supplier we cooperate with, and we evaluate them with standards like: positive comment earned, average order proceeding time etc. Thus, a periodical evaluation on the existing supplier list will be carried out to eliminate those suppliers with poor performance but to keep only those well-performed and customer-oriented manufacturers.

Confirmation of Order

Before we ship the products, we will ensure the size and colour of the products is correct, which would ruin our shopping experience easily and terribly. Please make sure the product is what you want.

Inspection of Product

Though we have all trusted and qualified manufacturers, we will double check the product you order before shipping so as to make sure there will be no mistake for your specific order. All products will go through an exhaustive Q.C. procedure as follow:

1.Your product will be manufactured exactly according to the time table you request, and before completion of the product, it will be sent to our inspection center for final check by a group of highly trained inspectors. 
2.We will perform a fundamental check on the product to make sure it is consistent with the details of your order. 
3.A more thorough inspection will be carried out by our QC team to avoid any problems of the products, and the products will be returned for replacement if fail to meet our QC standards. 
4.Only those products which pass our QC inspection successfully will be transmitted to our packing team.

Product Packing

We will try every means to avoid any possible damage during the process of packing. Also, our staffs adopt different new ways to strengthen the external boxes to make the package more air-tight, water-proof and pressure-resistant. What’s more, they synchronize our delivery schedule with the local major couriers like Fedex, EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, and thus we can always get the earliest flight available.

Order Tracking

After what you order has been shipped out, our customer service representative will send you an email informing you the tracking number of your package and you can check where your package is with it. And, our customer service representative will keep on contacting you simultaneously until you receive you package safely and completely. Your satisfaction is the utmost encouragement to our working. And we will make contributions to produce high quality and perfect products for you.