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Wedding dress in China


There have lots of different between Chinese wedding dress and western wedding dress. In China, we name the wedding dress Xifu in ancient times. The name wedding dress is came from western country, and now, few people in China will called  wedding dress Xifu, they following the western name and called wedding dress XIFU.


In ancient times, the women in China will start to prepare their Xifu before they have informed that they are going to married someone they never met before. There have something never changed, that is the bride need to go the shop to customized their Xifu wedding dress. In ancient times, if the bride isn’t born in a wealthy family, then it didn’t have many design for bride to choose, what the bride need to do is to provide their measure and pick one which is not so fitted for themselves. Then they go home and wait for the Xifu before the wedding day. When the bride wearing the Xifu, the only decoration for the Xifu wedding dress is a red cover chief, because no can meet the bride before the bride married the groom. When the bride dress the Xifu dress up, the bride can’t eat anything until the bride meet the groom and have all the marriage step finished. There have one thing need to mention, that is the color of the Xifu in ancient times is red. No other color is allowed. In ancient times in China, no one ever thing about that the Xifu can be other color. And the bride just can wear the Xifu once in their life time, if the bride wear it twice, it will be a huge shame to the bride and the whole family. At the second day of the wedding, the bride need to collect the Xifu and put it into a box and never can dress it again. Maybe when the bride become a mother, when their daughter reach the marriage age, the mother can pass the cherish Xifu to their daughter. Of cause, if the are born in a wealthy family, you can customized your Xifu or make the Xifu by yourself. If you are in a wealthy family, you will never lack of beautiful fabric. Hotintheshop


Although some western culture inflow into China, but we never forget our own culture and some ancient culture will always be remember. Nowadays, few bride will wear Xifu, but we believe that one day, Xifu will become the fashion trend again. Hotintheshop http://www.hotintheshop.com/  

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