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Shopping For Mother of the Bride Dresses


You should give the same importance to shop for your mother’s dress as you do when shop your wedding dresses. First of all know your mother’s taste about dress and style and then go ahead. If needed, you can take a pen, paper, and catalog and go through with her to know what style she wants. Find a dress that will flatter her body size and shape.

About dress color, choose the one that will compliment her skin tone. In the spring, you can look for pastels but make sure that the coColumn V-neck Knee-length Beading WaiColumn V-neck Knee-length Beading Waistband Mother of the Brides Dresses with Jacket lor flatters on her. The length of mother of the bride dresses should be selected as the type of the wedding and the time of the wedding such as semi-formal, formal or casual.

Select such a dress for your mother on your wedding that can be worn on other events also so that she does not need to keep the dress at the bottom of her closet. The price of mother of the bride dresses normally ranges from $200. So it would be beneficial to choose the dress that can be reusable or can be worn in other occasions other than just wearing in one wedding.

You will get huge options to choose mother of the bride dresses. Traditionally mother of the brides wear long gowns of floor length, accompanied by a bolero or a formal jacket. There are different types of floor length dresses available for mother of the brides with formal jacket and bolero but it is not mandatory that you have to stick at traditional dress only. You can go for other types of dresses for mother of the brides as well.

One very common question is what color to choose? There are huge options to choose from, but find a color that will compliment your bridal gown but not the same color as like your wedding dress. Black color is very classis and perfect for formal party, reds are also now adopting by many mother of the brides. But while choosing the color, remember your mother’s age, skin tone and also should matches with the other dresses at the bridal party. You can choose the color for your mother’s dress as the bridal party or can find a color that completely contrasts with the bridesmaid dresses.

The bride is not the only one who can wear lace at her wedding. Any member presented at the party can wear lace. But the bride and bride’s mother look best wearing lace on that day because of having a distinct of romantic air.

Shopping and fitting for mother of the bride dresses can take as long as it takes to shop and fit your dress. So start your shopping early so that you can get some time to fit the dress. You can also bring a photo of your wedding gown and the bridesmaid dresses so that you can decide what to choose for your mother. Buy shoes for her that match with her dress and should be comfortable especially if she is older.

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