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Mermaid Dresses- Go ahead and think beyond the tank


Big events calls for one to dress up in a different fashion than they usually do. And it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to have the audacity to pick up any dress from the wardrobe and do full justice to the look. Most often the body type also takes up the shot and play an important role in narrowing down the options as to what you can or cannot wear.


Mermaid dresses are one such type. It is by and large an evening gown that when wore brings out a shape like that of a mermaid. Usually worn at formal events and occasions these are for women who like long flowing attire to look typically refined, elegant and classy. Like mentioned before, for what is required the most to carry on a look such as this one is a great body! Yes one should have the right amount of curves, sizzling, hot cuts to look gorgeous in a mermaid dress. For these are body hugging attires, that deliberately focus on flaunting and highlighting every last, minute curve of your figure. Furthermore the open back or “see through” lower flowing skirt does all the work to get you the uncalled attention in the entire party. Do you have enough confidence to spare while trying one of these on? That is the only question you need to have a bold answer for.

Available in thousands of options to choose from by the hottest designer’s of all time- individuals or owners of famous brands, these dresses flog most of the space in the vintage stores too along with the former ones. Stitched in exclusive, luxurious fabrics such as Satin , Chiffon, Silk, Organza etc the stock is by and large divided under various categories to satisfy the need of its admirers. For everyone has different body hang up’s, some might like to flaunt the bold look, while others might stick to the sophisticated side and there are some who do both by opting for something like what Cameron Diaz goes for.  Hence one the decision has been made on what kind of look to go for the dresses could be bought accordingly. For the sensational ones, mermaid dresses that uses shiny silk fabric on top and net/ chiffon see- through material for the lower frills could be the best option to go for. The flowing frails in these start from slightly above the waist line, so if you have a small tummy, you have nothing to worry about for these would help to cover up for that body flaw.

For the latter, who feel no need to expose the skin to look stunning can go for the classic design. Floor length gowns, with perfect fitting to skin, can bring out a flattering curve, wooing the public to be the admirers of the diva side of you. They accentuate the length of the leg, making it to appear irresistible. One can even sneak in a pair of high heels from below to give them an extra elevation.

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