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Affordable Wedding Dresses


“Got my lucky sugar? ” Tu asked .


As 3 days ago, she deliveved the lucky-sugar. In china, lucky-sugar is a luck when someone is happy for the grand things happening on their families, like wedding.


The Affordable Wedding Dresses is coming soon, like a shining meteor, extinguishing in the mind of Tu. Up to now, she has realized that the Affordable Wedding Dresses is true. She really knew that Tu is going to get marry.  She hoped to witness that the day coming soon as Tu , a girl who has suffered a lot in her childhood, dressing up the Affordable Wedding Dresses with her lover step into the wedding.  However, when she is calling Tu, bad news is heard.


“I was forced to get marry with an old man in my village” Tu said to her. “I don’t  love him, really.” However, no one could save Tu, a poor family girl. She has to follow the advice her father told her, and in her village, everyone know her mother died in her 2-year old. But, no one would save her in fact, in risk of breaking the traditional rule in the small village for hundreds of years. Though she has known about it, she is surprised. The poor wedding is also as cheap as her Affordable Wedding Dresses.


The Affordable Wedding Dresses is also the symbol of her poor wedding. Since the pledge both of them had made, they have to suffer the wedding though there is no love story between Tu and the old man. She urged Tu that live is important than love story. And as time goes on, maybe love would rise.     


Both of them is looking back to their poor childhood.

“Will you go to visit my wedding? ”  Tu said.

“ I would .”

The phone is end. 


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