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A Buddhism’s Christian Wedding


Years ago, it seems hazy for me that the difference between western culture and eastern culture when it comes to wedding. Why it will leave me such a question? I couldn’t find any reasons to explain why one who believes in Buddhism will be in western wedding dress for her wedding party. But, Fisher destroyed my confusion. 

Why Fisher love Christian’s Wedding?

Fisher is my friend. He told me everyday he will incense to Buddha following the rules of Buddhism. He is a extraordinary devout Buddhism, like many his elder in China who believe in Buddhism. But at the same time, he appreciates western culture. Fisher is someone who loves multicultural. One day, I tried to ask Fisher how you think about the difference between Buddhism and Christian. I wanted to find out why he believes in Buddhism. Fisher told me that he loves human being and different culture in different countries. It is simple enough in a Buddhism way but it earns my trust. Maybe I can find out why Chinese Buddhism loves a western culture. In a way, the white color wedding dress is just a dress that it is not a cultural symbol for his or her own religion or for something but even more like enthusiasm for their lives. 

Fisher’s Wedding Party 

Fisher’s parents are more in favor of his wedding party holding in a Christian Way. Fisher and Gorlya, his fiancee, a pious christian, have made their decision wedding party hold in a church in such an extraordinary christian way. In their wedding day, Gorlya wants to dress in a beautiful wedding dress steeping into a church. I wishes them have a good wedding and a good lives in the future. What i can do is just design them a beautiful wedding dress as a gift. Usually, I will suggest my friends go to buy what they like on our site Hotintheshop. But as 2015 coming, I want something different and design a fashion and charming wedding dress to Gorlya, a new 2015 wedding dress. I would like to be a helper in the bridge between eastern culture and western culture, even for their love in different religion. I would be happy at that moment. 

What I think?
As far as I’m concerned, I wish Fisher and Gorlya with best regards. Wedding dress means more. Is it only a cultural or live symbol? Fisher’s wedding leaves me the question.    


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