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2015 Destination Wedding


Destination wedding is welcomed. More and more young men in emerging countries prefer a destination wedding on the way no matter their wedding party holding at home or abroad, though it originates from western countries. Like many in western countries, those who prefer to destination wedding look forward to having a wedding party during their journey not only for their wedding but also for their love. It is a more advisable way in celebrating a wedding than holding a wedding party which spends more money.


Recently, my Chinese friend Yu goes to a destination wedding with her husband. They decided to spend the wedding holidays on a India vocation though both of their parents are not favor of their decision. But also, I can find a bit of this new way of celebrating wedding is more and more popular by the young. Personally, I like the destination wedding. Reasons are obvious.


Destination wedding is one of a way in celebration of a wedding .It is simple enough but with more significance. Various wedding parties in the world connect with the relation or both religion and society, or both Man’s family and Woman’s family, or both western culture and eastern culture. Many swine wedding like political wedding and family wedding witness both of the bride and bridegroom who they don’t love each other getting married. So, destination wedding is with great significance, as both of the young can go for a vocation and enjoy their wedding without any limit. Indeed, they love each other. There was a little tragedy on the way to the wedding between Romeo and Juliet. But I appreciate they were brave enough to fight for their love.


Everyone loves a free marriage, including you, and me. But before the destination wedding, a simple wedding dress is needed. 

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